Choose the right finance for your business

If you are a VAT registered business, you can claim back the VAT on the purchase of a motorcycle or scooter for business use. If you don’t want to purchase a motorcycle or scooter outright we also offer tax efficient leasing deals that allow you to spread the cost over several years, with just one monthly payment up front. Read on for further details and indicative costs.

How leasing works

BMG Scooters are offering businesses (sole traders/Partnerships/Limited Companies and PLC’s), whether VAT registered or not, the opportunity to purchase a motorcycle or scooter through a lease deal in the same way other essential items such as photocopiers and mobile phones are purchased. In addition, extras, accessories, helmets, clothing etc can be included in the leasing price.

For example, a £5000 OTR bike or scooter on a 48-month deal would cost approximately £117 plus VAT (that can be claimed back) per month for 49 months. At the end of this period YOUR firm owns the bike.

View our leasing prices

Use the BMG Scooters lease cost calculator to find how much your lease costs will be. Simply select the make and model of your choice to view our leasing prices. These prices are subject to change by the manufacturer. All the monthly prices are exclusive of VAT and all payments are 100% tax deductible.

Is leasing for me?

It’s ideal for all businesses and company directors. Employees can also benefit from this scheme through salary sacrifice saving an employee up to 65% of the cost of their motorcycle/scooter depending on their personal tax band. This works the same way as the Cycle-To-Work Scheme.

All types of businesses can benefit from a motorcycle or scooter for business use, e.g. training schools, couriers, food delivery, parcel companies.

If you’re reading this you will now know that if you are a business you can buy any motorcycle or scooter, whether new or used, from BMG Scooters and lease it through this scheme and it will belong to you at the end of the term in a tax efficient manner. Call us now to arrange a demonstration.

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